Friday, December 9, 2011


On the way back from work. The bus was moving so it's not clear at all, but the sky was pretty orange and pink with dark blue background :)

Monday, December 5, 2011


It's been twice in a row that I slept through my 3 alarm clocks....supposed to be up by latest 615am if I want to shower and walk to the bus stop but I've been jumping out of the bed around 7am (my first word of the day have been "FUUuuuCcK"), and dashing out the house. I've been able to catch the bus allright, but the bus I take from home itself is late so I miss the 2nd bus and be late to work anyway. Ughhhhh. I'm just going to blame it on the daylight savings :P

Friday, November 18, 2011


I've been sick for almost 2 and a half weeks. Started off getting a really bad sore throat, and what that means is that I will most likely always surely no doubt probably ( got the point) will have coughing fits that accompanies with the cold virus I acquired. And sure enough, i started coughing crazy, a lot of times gagging b/c I cough so much UGH. It's so inconvenient to have this coughing fits at work, b/c I'd be on the phone answering questions and all of a sudden, I feel the urge to cough. I have to speak up on my work phone b/c our phone system is retarded that way, and with that coughing feeling, I can barely talk for a while. I'd be watery eyed, and barely say 'hold on please...' and put a client on hold and just cough cough cough cough cough! So sad....

I also gave the cold to Cynthia, but her symptoms were different than mine. She was just blowing her nose away, that she used 2 tissue boxes in a day or so. What made it jealous though, was that since her nose was clogged up and had sore throat, she had what me and Jun Wen call it the 'sexy voice.' It was a bit raspy and just so cool. But no, I didn't have that, I just kept coughin and coughin and making 25 million feet radius of empty space between me and the people around me. It's always so embarrassing when I get into coughing fits....ugh.

So this week comes, and i feel like the cough is subsiding a lot (after lots of cepacol...I bought a second box of it yesterday yay...) and Robitussin (which they recently produced a new item specifically to suppress cough..YAY...but i don't think it really worked. but oh well.) But I started getting runny nose like Cynthia, which I didn't really have in the first week when I was having coughing fits. I just felt weak in general and last night, I ended up sleeping at 7:30pm b/c I felt feverish and had a headache (hence google+ status is 'slept for 11 hours' haha).
I really hope that I get rid of this cold really soon. Sigh. Sux to have a cold. I guess I gotta appreciate that it's not a flu at least...don't get sick, everybody!!!

Thursday, October 27, 2011


time flies by so quickly. It hasn't been a month since I came back from Japan but it feels forever ago already. I want more time!!!

What to do and be for Halloween....Idk yet. Hmm....

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

explanation as to why I'm in Japan.

So the long awaited trip to Japan is finally happening. It's really nice b/c it's the first ever vacation I had this year! I kept all my vacation/sick days for this trip and thank you to my agency, they gladly gave me a month to leave them while I "come to Japan to process my final step of my work visa."

I'm in Japan b/c of 3 reasons: 1)vacation 2) Go to Palau 3) To go to Palau, I need to have my visa stamped on my passport, the 'final step' for my work visa I never go to do b/c I never left states when I received the 'approval' for the visa. Approval and receiving the stamp on the passport is different, b/c approval is just getting the ok from the government to receive the visa b/c they ddin't see anything wrong with the paperwork they've received But to get a stamp, i needed to get an interview from a US embassy NOT in states to enter back to states. It's kind of like getting an acceptance letter from a college (approval), but you're really officially a student once you go to the school and get your student ID card (stamp on the visa).

So why am I doing this now? I know I've told everyone the good news about being able to stay in states b/c i got an approval, which is true. But now that work is settled, I started thinking about how I need to visit my grandma in Palau. Yes, it all started with me wanting to visit my grandma while she's healthy(reason why I didn't go to Palau b/c it would cost a fortune to get there). To go to Palau, I need the visa stamped b/c I need that to come back into states when I'm done seeing my grandma...But it takes about a month to get that visa stamped on my passport so now I'm in Japan, just waiting and waiting for the passport to be mailed back from the US embassy in Japan....ha.

So now I'm in Japan which is not the real real purpose of the vacation, but it's still kind of like a vacation, plus a bit of anxiety here and there. Maybe I'll go to Palau if I get the passport back about 10 days before this vacation is over. But if not, i'll have to travel again next year when I get more vacation days. I feel like I'm always in a limbo stage...

Anyways, Japan is as hot as ever. So far, I've been eating like hell, helping mum gather stuff to ship it back to Palau for her business, visiting relatives and old time family friends, and try to be free. No thinking about work, no thinking about moving, no thinking about anything that goes on once I get back to the Seattle reality. But I do miss Seattle, I really wish I can apparate back and forth (spell check underlined apparate in red, but it should be a word, and it should be real!!!) I wish all my friends could apparate to Japan so we can hang out and enjoy this time together!

K, I should sleep soon. Made new glasses today btw. I don't kno why but i thought i'd share this fact. Ok, oyasumi~

Monday, August 8, 2011

I killed...

I killed my freshman friend in my dream this morning. Well, not intentionally....

So I had a dream last night that Nuri is dead. Yes, that Korean friend in Xavier year that I hang out with a lot at one point during freshman year. In my dream, I was going through some kind of social media like Twitter or someone else's fb status, and I read a preview of the status that said that "she will be missed forever, it was such a sudden death" etc. etc. So I clicked on it to read more, and it said when she was pronounced dead but did not find a cause of death.

So curious and somewhat stupid me, I went to her fb page to check the cause of her death (now that I think of it, why would I go in there when she's dead?! She can't update her status about how she died when she's dead!) and someone (luckily decreasing my stupidity) had posted her cause of death to which it said something about having a heart attack and was dead in the middle of the night. I remember really freaking out about it and couldn't look straight into her profile picture, and really feeling sad about it.

Then i woke up. It was not a good dream to wake up to. I woke up, looked around, and was a little creeped out. I took a morning shower thinking about it and it creeped me out again. I know she's not dead in real life. But now I just went to fb and was scrolling down and her status update with her profile picture (it was the same profile pic in my dream) was on it, and its really creeping me out again. I hope i didn't jinx her. I really hope not.

My mind just created a morbid dream...I feel like I killed her thinking about it even though her cause of death wasn't murder...

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

killing me softly

I have so much CRAP to do at work. It's making me go crazy. I'm officially a Program Assistant but I have so many unofficial title. I'm a receptionist, admin staff, childcare assistant, assistant director, assistant financial administrator, IT tech person, drug test administrator, and even a janitor and maintenance person (I fixed a falling door yesterday). I need to get a raise very very soon. And I want my old boss back, who was much cooler than the new one. I want my new boss to hire someone else to help me with my work. I want to leave it all behind but i don't want to go back to Japan. So overwhelmed. Sigh. Ok, ranting done.